Policy & Warranty


Jewelry replacement policy after 30 days

All Jewelry replacement after 30 days is conditioned to "Miller" laboratory testing for approval.

• By the end of the first year the jewelry can be replaced with a deduction of 30% from purchase price of the jewelry returned, due to depreciation.

• By the end of the second year - 40% will be deducted from the purchase price.

• By the end of the third year - 50% will be deducted from the purchase price.

* Credit note with deduction can be implemented only towards jewelry.

* Replacement at the end of the 30 days does not include: Necklaces without pendant, pearl jewelry and / or gemstones, items by Pesavento, Bliss and Morellato and items of special orders or SALE.

* You cannot use this credit when purchasing items of special orders or on SALE.


Upgrading solitaire diamond jewelry

You can upgrade a diamond ring / earrings / pendant, which was purchased at "Miller" when set with a solitaire diamond by the following restrictions:

• The time to upgrade is for 5 years from date of purchase.

• The upgrade requires the addition of at least 40% of the original purchase price.

• You can upgrade a ring to a ring, pendant to pendant, earrings to earrings.

• All upgrades are conditioned to lab testing of the returned piece for approval.

* In case a customer is interested in upgrading a tennis bracelet –the bracelet will be sent for laboratory testing for approval.

** After upgrading a jewel by the procedures above, you can continue to upgrade the Jewel in accordance with procedures, or replace it with another item in accordance with depreciation the procedures as above.

In each of the above options The Company reserves the right not to perform the replacement and / or upgrade accordance with the findings of the laboratory test.



• "Miller" warranty for jewelry is for one year only. Exceptions to the warranty are as follows;

• Warranty service will be provided through "Miller" branch stores.

• In case of a defect, "Miller" will repair the product at its best, if decided after examination that the defect is not under warranty and it can be repaired, it will be repaired with charge.

• The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (such as stretch of flexible jewelry etc.), damages incurred from the use and inadequate care, accidental and / or intentional corruption. Also, the warranty does not cover products that have been repaired and / or modified at any others but "Miller".

• "Miller" warranty for gemstones settings is only valid during the first year if there is no damage and / or breaking, missing of a prong, whether it occurred not intentionally or not consciously that the jewelry got hit / hurt.

• There is no warranty for loss or theft of a product.

• The warranty for the purchase or repair of a timepiece is under the liability of the official importer.

• When purchasing a timepiece, it is excluded from warranty: water penetration, straps, crystals, metal / ceramic / gold coatings and other external parts.


Highlights for warranty conditions

• "Miller" is not responsible for the quality or the nature of stones and / or jewelry that has not been purchased at "Miller".

• In case a customer places a special order using his own stone or hands in for repair a piece not purchased at "Miller", the customer is fully responsible for any damage that might occur to the stone. 

• The guarantee on a timepiece that has been handled or repaired will be granted only if there is no outside damage as; water penetration, dent, hit, breakage or improper use.

• It is recommended to insure Jewelry and watches with "all risks" insurance policy