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This Web site is owned by the company "Miller Shops & Galleries Ltd. (" Miller ")
The company's offices are listed according to the address: 8 Hataas st. Ramat Gan 52512, Phone 03-5273722, Fax 03-5240044

Below you will find information and terms of use to http://www.miller.co.il (the website or "site"). As customers and users in this website it is important that you will be aware that the use of the site and making a purchase through it are subject to the terms set here;

1. In opening an account, ordering products or services including reading / browsing the site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

2. "Miller" may at any time terminate the operation of the Site without notice.

3. It should be clarified that it is impossible to make a direct purchase via the website, but with an assistance of a representative from our customer service, or directly at one of our stores.

4. Information on products and services; "Miller" will do its best to ensure that information on the site is complete, comprehensive and up to date as possible.

5. Naturally, "Miller" occasionally updates the information and the services and products offered through the site and do not always report it. In particular, price adjustments and products updates will be made from time to time without prior notice.

6. "Miller" reserves the right not to make a sale or cancel an order either done by mistake in price or fear for commercial sale in the retail / wholesale or with any discretion that may damage "Miller" or a third party on its behalf.

7. "Miller" makes every effort to display images on the site that can illustrate the visibility of the jewelry and watches. "Miller" is not held responsible for any inaccuracies in shades of colors and size differences, appearance of designs, these changes can be caused since these images are expressed out of Technology(graphics, computer monitors, display resolution different software, etc.)

8. The products which "Miller" displays on the site can be purchased as long as they are in stock. If the purchase was made, and yet the product you have ordered is not in stock, our representative will contact you by telephone to consult with you how to proceed with the order.

9. "Miller" reserves the right to discontinue at any time and without notice, the production of any item and / or the offer to purchase it and you waive any claim and / or demand in this regard.

10. "Miller" does not guarantee that any item would be in any selling point, as well as "Miller" does not guarantee that the items on this website will be found in every "Miller" shop..

11. Some of the products advertised on the Site are manufactured by an order and therefore do not exist as inventory available - see explanation Returns policy on "special order products."

12. You are not allowed to enter into the site content and / or upload information or files or codes that could alter, damage, interfere with or impair the website or its existing information or any proprietary rights of the Company or any third party.

13. "Miller" is not liable for damage that may be caused to the user by missing or inaccurate information or for interruptions and / or temporary failures on website services (such as viruses, hackers, majeure force)

14. For any questions or clarifications, you can contact our customer service. Sunday through Thursday, from 09: 00-17:00 by phone 03-5273722 or by registered mail to the company's offices, or by email: info@miller.co.il or using the contact form.

Use of this site is allowed only to people and / or entities that are capable of creating legal obligations. Therefore, if you do not meet the criteria for this basic condition You may not use the Site (example, minors under the age of 18).

Registration Services

Opening a customer account allowed only to those qualified to perform binding legal actions. Creating an account you declare that you have legal capacity, that you have a credit card that can be used to make payments in Israel, that you have an active email address on the Internet and that nothing prevents you to place orders and purchases on the site.

You declare that all details appear in the customer's account are up to date and correct, including contact information and means of payment; You declare that these details are valid and you agree to update them however as there is a change in these details during the period between placing the order and until receiving the product.

Changes to Privacy Policy

In the event that this policy will be implemented with significant changes related to the use of personal information submitted by you, an announcement will be published on the site.


Intellectual Property

The site, its content and the trademarks, jewelry designs and all copyright Designs and Patents and intellectual property rights in this website, belong exclusively to "Miller" and / or third party represented by "Miller" with approval, unless stated otherwise. Accordingly any reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication, transfer and use of all content appearing on, or in part, without the permission express prior written consent of "Miller" is strictly prohibited, unless expressly permitted on the Site itself (such as through a button for sharing a friend with the item). Any use of such prohibited content on the site, violates intellectual property of "Miller" and the responsibility for such a violation under the law will apply to the customer.


Articles of association

These regulations only apply Israeli law.

Court in Tel Aviv will be the exclusive jurisdiction and exclusively to discuss any matter, request or action brought in connection with the use of the Site and / or with respect to these regulations.


If you do not agree with these terms and conditions do not use the site